Sunday, April 9, 2017

#Twitterpoetry by Christian Gould

Intense feelings enwrap me like a dark origami,
 Circling around the sun.
Closing in. Closing in.
An orb of chaos.

Folded in clouds.
Trying to get back on the ground.
Trying to remember why I'm here;
What my goal was, who I am.

Who I am? -
I am all I am.
All I need to be.
But I still wonder why,
After all this time,
I feel lost, time after time.

Words are not enough for the feelings to resign.
To put a noose on their neck.
It is but a brief incision.

Words are the curtains,
Curtailing these feelings of violence,
From doing harm to me.
They subside, but temporary.

I feel the words opening me,
To a steady, sterile breeze.
A stillness that envelopes me.

                                           - #Twitterpoetry

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