Saturday, December 23, 2017

O Tree by Christian Gould

O tree.

Point your cheer,

Through the black mass of perspective.

Through the deep, dark

Of the present,

Where the off switch is pressed,

And the screen goes black.

And we sit from a couch, staring into the void,

Steering far from our goals.

Venturing off into nothing.

The Parties by Christian Gould

One head cannot

Fathom the lesson of the next.
Both past-tense.
Tensed into XL limbs, like rustic America.
Shattered between terse,
Planks of land, that we say benefit our hands.
Oh god, they are mud-glazed.
I fear their hollows and tumult.
Spaced memory finished. Another forgotten.
No helping two mud-slats,
Already marked as broken.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Single by CG(me)

My poem

Single by Christian Gould

Single, single.

We cannot break the eyes,

Into sharp shards,

And poke at others with blind sighted,

Disguises and compromises,

That we cannot actually believe.

Believing that one day someone,

Somewhere, in a land far off,

Will strip us of our darkness,

And detonate the immense happiness,

That always lingered inside.

No, instead I see a future of knives,

Raised with accusations,

When the cloaks of light fall off.

I see the darkness inside, finally,

Waiting like a lost lover.

Another entity, but is it meant for me?

                                                            Single by Christian Gould

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Paper-Wings by Christian G

I, a folding of paper-wings,
And ink-blots gluing my eyes in place.
Though, again and again,
You seek to remove my face.

Explanation by Christian G

I am not ready to ensnare this decimation.
This decimal was not made for me.
Blot, a dark hue
The knife dives deep into me.
I am smoke.
Smoke is I,
And I wish I could share it with you.

I wish I, an aftermath of flame,
Could be understood.
I want an explanation.

Two Ways to Think By Christian G

There are two ways to think when you're in the clouds.

A: I am lost

B: I am liberated

Exits from Snares by Christian G

Exits from snares.
That way I tread, a white light threaded in flesh.
Carrying me from dark dreads in the plague of feeling.

Where no light envelopes a sense of self.
I surrender to love;
Take me where I grow highest.
Let me be my best self.

Hold The Flame by Christian G

Hold the flame, brightest
In the dark.
In the incoherent silence,
Listen to your heart.

Know that some have passed,
And that their lives shine bright.
But never forget the ripples,
And devastation it caused.

What Do You Call Yourself?

What do you call yourself?
A polished mirror; a foggy lens?
Either way, let your light shine through.
Either way, let your light be true.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

#Twitterpoetry by Christian Gould

Intense feelings enwrap me like a dark origami,
 Circling around the sun.
Closing in. Closing in.
An orb of chaos.

Folded in clouds.
Trying to get back on the ground.
Trying to remember why I'm here;
What my goal was, who I am.

Who I am? -
I am all I am.
All I need to be.
But I still wonder why,
After all this time,
I feel lost, time after time.

Words are not enough for the feelings to resign.
To put a noose on their neck.
It is but a brief incision.

Words are the curtains,
Curtailing these feelings of violence,
From doing harm to me.
They subside, but temporary.

I feel the words opening me,
To a steady, sterile breeze.
A stillness that envelopes me.

                                           - #Twitterpoetry